Controlled Nutrient Delivery Microfeed System™

Developed and Manufactured in the USA by Bauerle Precision, LLC.

Bauerle Precision's Controlled Nutrient Delivery Microfeed System™ (CNDMS) takes the uncertainty out of determining correct fertilizer levels for optimum plant growth. Based on such factors as plant type, plant age, external and internal environmental conditions, the system can automatically adjust and deliver the best nutrient recipe and the correct amount of water for your crop.

The key to optimizing the use of plant nutrients is the strategic placement of the right nutrient at the right rate and right time. The CNDMS is designed to meet each of these requirements with accurate control over each input. The CNDMS analyzes nutrient inputs to determine precise application rates, quantity, and timing for optimal yield, thus providing an improved economic and sustainable operation for quality greenhouse/nursery crop production.

Advantages of the CNDMS

The CNDMS gives the grower the capability of adjusting nutrient recipe based on analytical results and weather conditions.

How the CNDMS works

The purpose of the CNDMS is to precisely meet plant metabolic needs for optimal plant crop production. This is determined through analytical test results, integration of source water nutrient supply, environmental conditions, injector input, pH control and additional factors such as the plant's physiological age, plant metabolism and chemical composition. With the above information the grower can adjust a predetermined nutrient recipe using a personal computer program to automatically set injector heads to their correct settings and instructing it to irrigate the crops when required.

The CNDMS Injector

Technical Data

Basic Dimensions